Bubble Now

The Bubble Now™ washing machine produces better quality Bubble, in less time and with less mess than ever before!

Its gentle agitation results in a top quality extract every time - a huge improvement over hand mixing.

The 5 gallon machine is a counter-top model, suitable for use with our 5 gallon / 20 litre Bubble Bags™. Simply add ice, water, and plant material to produce the world’s finest herbal extract in minutes.

Our 220 micron all screen zipper bags are specially designed to fit our Bubble Now™ machines. This screen is an extra heavy duty polyester, made with the strongest thread available.  This bag is included with the Bubble Now™ machine as does not need to be ordered separately.

Please note that the machine in the picture may not be the exact  outward appearance of machine received due to manufacturing differences but the one you receive will be the same size and will function exactly the same.

Some images include pictures of Bubble Bags as Bubble Bags are required to be used with the Bubble Now, it will not create your desired final product without a set of Bubble Bags.  Bubble Bags do not come with the Bubble Now, you must purchase them separately.  You can use any set we sell but we recommend a set of matching size.  Use a 20 litre Bubble Bag kit with the 20 litre Bubble Now and use an 80 litre Bubble Bag set with the 80 litre Bubble Now.